Looking After Your Swimming Pool

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Blog

Having a pool is awesome. However, most people forget that to keep a swimming pool swimmable every day, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. Swimming pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a burden. Here are some tips for easy maintenance in addition to the regular maintenance that you do that will keep your swimming pool in tip top shape so you can spend the majority of your time enjoying the water instead of cleaning it.


Check Water Levels

Make sure there is enough water in your pool. Once you’ve built your swimming pool, your installers like Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane will give you advice on the perfect water level for the size and depth of your pool. Due to frequent use or evaporation, the pool water level can drop over time. It’s important to have the perfect water level as the filter, chlorine and pH balance mechanisms need enough water to function properly. If your pool water drops significantly in a small period of time, have it looked at by professionals in case there are major problems with the structure or plumbing causing the water levels to drop at a fast rate.


Removing Solids

Take a few minutes to take off solid things that inadvertently will fall into the pool. Having a long-handled pole with a scooper net at the end will be helpful in getting to the hard to reach areas of the pool. It’s a good idea to invest in a pool cover or tarp to keep debris away from the water. It’s good to check the water every few days or before use to remove any large objects that have fallen in the pool. Be sure to check the areas where water gets suctioned as leaves or other debris could’ve travelled there and become stuck.


Shock Treatment

Shock the bacteria out of your pool. Every 14 days you can give a high dose of chemicals to your pool to really kill germs and other bacteria. You can do this in addition to regular chlorination of your swimming pool water. Make sure you read and follow the instructions properly for the shock treatment chemicals that you use. Do not swim in the pool until a few hours after treatment or as specified on the label of the product you use.


Elbow Grease

Give the tiles a major scrub down every few days. It’s easy for algae and other bacteria to grow especially in sunny pools. Once in a while, it’s good to give the pool tiles a scrub especially along the waters edge as this is the spot where most things like to collect. Scrubbing the tile lets those things that like to build up go free allowing the filters to catch them in the filtration process of the water. Scrubbing every few days keeps the slimy algae away.


Following the above advice isn’t too difficult for swimming pool owners and doesn’t take much time. Checking on the pool and removing debris before use can really help save cleaning time instead of leaving it every three days to do. Having fencing or a pool cover can prevent a lot of debris from coming in. Make sure to check your swimming pool after storms as those are times when debris most likely will get into your pool. Make sure you do the regular maintenance of filters and pool water as outlined by the pool installer. Happy swimming!