Accessorize Your Swimming Pool

Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Pool Accessories

Swimming pools can provide hours of fun especially when there are toys to play with. Here are our picks for the best pool accessories to have.


Pool Floats

If you like being on the water even when lounging, you can get floating loungers of all shapes, sizes, colours, and material. From plastic floating donuts to air mattresses, floating is a great way to unwind from the day’s stresses. If you like to have fun with floatation devices, get the floating noodles or a floating water hammock. A large floating island that has eight fitted seats equals maximum entertainment value. Don’t forget to buy floats that can hold ice and drinks so they’re on hand for those hot days in the pool. No need to go back and forth to the house or the cooler!


Basketball Nets

If you love playing ball and if you have a sturdy wall surrounding your pool, you can attach a basketball net for hours of fun with your family or mates. If you can’t attach anything to your wall, you can just buy a portable stand-alone basketball net that you can put beside the pool. Just make sure it’s stable and won’t fall on anyone during your games. There are also inflatable nets that you can buy that can float on the water played with an inflatable ball.


Pool Loungers

For sunbathing and overall lounging by the pool, get yourself some comfortable pool chairs or recliners for when you’re not in the water. They’ve even invented some underwater pool stools you can sit on while in the water.


Pool Umbrellas

These are great to have for shade when lounging beside the pool; however, you can now get some umbrellas attached to a buoy that will float on the water with you providing you with shade wherever you go in the water. This is important for pools that have no shade or cover at all and are exposed to the sun at all times.


Diving Boards And Slides

With or without children, diving boards and slides provide all-around fun for everyone. You can practice your swan dives, cannonballs, or backflips with the diving board. Before purchasing a diving board or a slide, make sure your pool is deep and wide enough to be able to have them. If your pool measurements aren’t right, these accessories can be dangerous and can lead to serious injury or death.


Pet Pools

If you like having your furry friends with you in the water, make sure to get it the flotation device it needs so it can easily swim in the water. Having a pet ramp can make it easier for the pets to get in or out of the water. If you don’t want your pets sharing the pool water with you, you can buy and install their own little pool or tub off to the side so they won’t feel left out and can cool off during the hot summers. You can use their pool as a place to bathe them too!


Waterproof Speakers

Instead of playing music loudly from the house or installing speakers around the pool which can be costly, you can just purchase waterproof Bluetooth speakers which you can use close to the water. You can splash and play all you want around those devices. If you like taking pictures or playing music from your electronic devices, make sure you encase those devices in waterproof covering as more often than not they can end up in the water or end up getting wet through constant use by the water.


These are a few examples of some the best pool accessories to have. Ask your pool installer like Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane or your local swimming pool accessories store for yearly trends if you like to have the latest in pool toys.