There are infinite reasons why many are building swimming pools in their backyards. Not only is it conducive to relaxation and fun, the right swimming pool can enhance the beauty and aesthetics of any landscape.

Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane are fast becoming leaders of innovative swimming pool building in the Brisbane and surrounding areas. We build pools that fit the lifestyle of each of our clients. Our aim is to build stunning pools that are easy to maintain and that will stand up to indoor or outdoor elements. Our pools are designed to last a lifetime. That means more time in the water for our clients and less time with cleaning or maintenance.

Incorporating Innovative Design

Incorporating Innovative Design

Rely on Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane to design and construct the best swimming pool for you. Find original and creative ideas for your dream pool after consultation with our design team.

Service Areas

Service Areas

Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane provides swimming pool building services in Brisbane and surrounding areas spanning the coastal regions like the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Pool Renovations

Pool Renovations

If you’re unhappy with your current swimming pool or need to have it updated or structurally fixed, we can help rebuild or renovate your swimming pool. You can even have your swimming pool re-tiled to last a lifetime.

Bringing Swimming Pool Dreams To Reality

Stop dreaming and take action. Start building your fantasy swimming pool with the help of Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane now. Before you know it, you’ll be relaxing poolside with your family and friends. No need to go to the public pool to cool down. You can have your own oasis built right at home with perfect privacy and peace. Even if you’re not in the water, you can still enjoy looking at the beauty of a well-designed pool from the comfort of your house or your back yard. You’ll be the most popular host of backyard pool parties and barbecues. You’ll be the envy of the neighbourhood. Don’t be surprised if your neighbours want to copy your swimming pool.

Swimming pools for your Brisbane home – built and installed!

Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane can build you the finest concrete inground pools in Brisbane. Pools can be designed to include surrounding architecture and can be shaped in any way that you desire. The Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane design team can help you with features such as waterfalls, paving and decorative walling. We can also supply quality fencing for those concerned about child safety. Inground swimming pools in Brisbane may be subject to building regulations; however you can let us deal with those arrangements. From the design, to pool construction and installation, our specialist pool builders in Brisbane will work with your vision to create a pool that you will love for years to come!

A swimming pool is not only a well-deserved luxury in Brisbane, but it is also a great way to have fun and keep fit. With our affordable pool prices, you have a choice of creating the swimming pool or spa you’ve always wanted with our team of expert designers and builders. How your dream pool will look is limited only by your imagination. If you need a little inspiration, browse through our portfolio of previous concrete in-ground pool installations to find one that suits your price, taste and lifestyle.

Have an idea in mind? Bring it to life with the help with Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane.

Enjoy the summers in style with your very own swimming pool designed by you in joint collaboration with Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane. Hot summers can be endured by cooling off in the pristine waters of a swimming pool. Best of all, your swimming pool waters are your own to control and will be free of sharks or any other creatures you don’t want to swim with.

Self Cleaning Pools

Ask Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane about the installation of a self-cleaning pool so all you have to do for maintenance is take out a few leaves or larger solids that have fallen into the water.

Land Aesthetics

Every landscape is unique, so we will do a thorough examination of the landscape and the soil to make sure we build a solid pool that complements its surroundings and doesn’t compromise the integrity of the landscape.

Special Materials

We offer several choices of high quality materials for building depending on your design selection. Our pools are designed and built with durability in mind so we choose the best materials to get the desired results.

Pool Accessories

Get the latest and best in swimming pool technology. Get cleaning systems that automatically regulate the chemical properties of the water. We have several options for LED or special swimming pool lighting available for unique and safe placement and installation.


Is your swimming pool out of date? Bring it back to the modern ages with a rebuild or a new design. It’s also best to update old cleaning and chemical systems for newly approved ones to keep your pool water healthy and safe.

Are there any areas of your pool starting to show wear, tear, or other damage? Over time and after constant use, swimming pools can get worn or cracked. Pieces can start to come off which can lead to injuries. Damage can also be brought on by natural disasters like earthquakes or severe storms. Have your damaged pool repaired by Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane.

Has your pool been built decades ago? If that is the case, it might not be up to modern building code standards. Your swimming pool can be brought up to code with the help of our swimming pool builders. Having it modernized and up to code keeps you and your family safe from potential swimming pool hazards.

Affordable Pool Solutions

If you have a certain budget you want to stick to, let us know in your consultation and we can find a solution that will fit your budget but does not compromise on design quality. Costs can increase depending on the type of material you want your pool to be built with. Size is also a factor in the overall cost of the pool.


You won’t get better warranty anywhere else for your swimming pool. Not only are our pools affordable, you get the best warranty service in Brisbane.

Fantastic Service

Get hassle-free pool building services with Swimming Pool Builders Brisbane. Our pleasant and professional staff will do our best to make sure that the designing and building stage will go smoothly for you and your family. We know major renovations or installations can be a disruptive influence in anyone’s schedule. It is our job to make the inconvenience of building as minimal as possible.


Safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to our line of work. Building site assessments will determine where important gas or water lines if there are any before any excavation or construction takes place. Any special or regular permits required will be obtained beforehand. You can be assured that our team will take any precautions needed to ensure the safety of you, your family, and our construction team.

What can you expect from a consult?

  • We will ask questions like:
  • Where would you like the pool built?
  • How big would you like your swimming pool?
  • What’s the access like?
  • What are the landscape conditions?
  • What does your family want out of the pool?
  • What safety features are important to you?
  • Do you have young children?
  • How much time would you like to spend in pool maintenance?
  • What depth would you like the pool to be?
  • What landscape features would you like around the pool?
  • What shape would you prefer your pool to be?


It’s important for us to build great customer relations with our clients to find out exactly what they want in terms of design and practicality of the pool. We will keep in constant communication throughout the design and building process to keep you informed and up to date with what we’re doing and what’s going on. If you desire any changes, we will be keen to follow your instructions.


Our design consultants are experts in their field and they understand all of the different engineering parameters involved in constructing different types of swimming pools. You can trust their guidance when it comes to building your pool.


It’s important to us that we build a pool tailored to your needs. Let us know what you need and want in a swimming pool by contacting us today!


Contact us for a free assessment of a potential swimming pool building or repair site.

You’ll love working with our highly-qualified design and construction team. You can communicate your needs and concerns and will be looked after by our helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable experts. Professional Team